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Dog Bandanas with lavender pouch

Dog Bandanas with lavender pouch

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Our bandanas have a removal lavender pouch. Lavender is known to help calm dogs and is also known as a repellent to many pests. They are clip closure bandanas rather than the normal tie closures. We are showing one here just to give you an idea of what they look like.

We have a variety of patterns to list still, we have camo patters, tie dye, dog bone patterns and we also make your favorite sports teams. They are sized from extra small to extra large. Xsmall is 14" & $14.00, small is 15" & $16.00, medium is 20" & $20.00, large is 24" & $22.00, and xlarge is 27" & $ 24.00.

We also make custom ones also so if you would like a custom fabric just notify us. Our email is info@lavendel and when you decide the size and pattern we can add it as a purchase option for billing and shipping.