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Lavendel Fields

The Finest Home Made Lavender Products

356 Main Street

Apalachin, New York


(607) 760-4821

Lavendel Fields

We are a young Lavender Farm in upstate New York established in 2013, and have grown every year, My wifes love for lavender and its calming effects generated a passion for her to make the finest poducts she can and pass them on to you. Visit us during the peak of the growing season in mid to late June thru the second week of July. We also have a small shop on the property for your convenience.

Culinary Lavender

Part of the mint family the sweetest fragrance among all species of lavender, which creates flavor in cooking. The buds of specific plants can be used for culinary purposes, which particularly give dishes a subtly sweet, citrus flavor. Great on salmon, in baked goods, teas and even ice cream. Try adding it to your cooking and enjoy.


Hand picked at the right time, making it great for crafts, decorations,bath and body products, as well as being know for its medical benefits, and it smells great!


Lavender Products make great gift for any occasion. We make gift baskets from all of our fine products, choose a premade gift or select specific items and we will create one for you. We will ship it directly to you or ship to a third party. So make that special someone smile today with a gift of Lavender.
Lavendel Fields

The Right Products Just for You

Lavender and Flaxseed Hot and Cold Packs

All products are home made from the finest quality ingredients, carefully formulated to give you the best product available. We hope you will enjoy everything we offer you and we appreciate your business.

Lavender and Flaxseed Hot and Cold Pack Eye Pillows

Store in the freezer to use as a cold pack without the mess of ice, or put in the microwave for soothing heat.

Body Oils for Soft Smooth Skin

Apply to your skin and get a spa like treatment.

Body Lotions

Try many of our different scents mixed with either a Shea and Aloe or a Goats Milk base.