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Hot/Cold Packs, Sleep Masks and Sachets

This amazing combination of flaxseed and lavender mixed with a heating pad is great for  relaxation or to relieve aces and pains. Heat it in the microwave and put it around your neck, small of your back, or any other part of your body. The flaxseed creates a mild moist heat to sooth sore muscles, relieve lower back pain, or stomach cramps. Chill in the freezer and use like a cold compress without the mess, to reduce swelling. Our heat packs and eye pillows are handmade with fresh dried lavender buds and flaxseed. We make them in several lengths the large neck pack is 22.5 inches long by 6 inches wide or regular neck pads is 20 inches by 6 inches our eye pillows are 10 inches by 5 inches. We also make longer ones with a removable washable cover.   Custom orders welcome.

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